Staying safe when using power distros

Staying safe when using power distros

Here at Rubber Box, we do our best to ensure our standard and bespoke power distros are as safe and user-friendly as possible.

That said, even the best power distribution solution will pose a risk if not used safely – so what can you do to keep your power distribution boxes working well, and your events as safe as possible? Read on for some of our top power distribution safety tips.

The primary hazards of working with power distros

power distro cable

Like any electrical power distribution equipment, electrical distribution can present a hazard in a number of ways if not used and taken care of properly, primarily:

  • Electric shock and burns from contact with live parts
  • Injury from exposure to arcing, and fire from faulty equipment or installation
  • Trips and falls caused by unsecured wires and poorly placed appliances

Maintain your power distribution equipment

electrical maintanance

It’s easier to maintain any appliance than it is to repair it – not to mention safer and cheaper. Make sure you carry out regular visual inspections of your power distro boxes, and look out in particular for:

  • Damaged plugs / connectors
  • Damaged cables
  • Damaged box
  • Burns or stains

If any of those signs are visible, ensure that your power distribution equipment is repaired by a competent person, who has the skills, knowledge and experience to repair the appliance safely.

Keep a log of the visual checks carried out on your equipment, with dates and notes of any damage/repairs, so you’ll know you’re up to date with your inspections and have a clear record of any checks/repairs if they’re needed.

Use your distros only as instructed

power distro box

Our aim is to create power distribution equipment with as varied a functionality as possible, so you can use them for a wide range of applications. But, circumstances change –  your business and events may be getting bigger, for example – and it’s important to make sure the equipment you’re using is still suited to the task at hand.

Assess your equipment regularly – every 6-12 months, or after any significant changes to your business – to ensure that:

  • It’s being used in line with the manufacturing instructions
  • It’s still suitable for the job
  • There’s been any change in the way it’s being used, and what effect – if any – this might have on its performance, safe use, or life-span.

Note: never attempt to modify our distros yourself. If your current distros no longer suit your needs, our bespoke power distribution solution service can create a custom-built power distro to your exact specifications.

Avoid tripping and spilling hazards

event power system

Our portable distros are great for grab and go situations – they’re easy to pack up, store and set up wherever your events take you. But, with great portability comes great responsibility – to borrow a famous phrase – and it’s up to you to make sure you avoid our distros becoming a trip hazard. That means positioning them appropriately to avoid people falling over them, ensuring there are no trailing wires, and taping down any wires that can’t be positioned away from foot traffic.

Also ensure that your distros are kept away from spillages as much as possible. While our power distros are IP rated moisture-resistant and weather-proof, they should be stored in a dry location and positioned sensibly when in use.

Key points on power distribution safety

To sum up, our distros are designed to be as safe as possible – we’re constantly looking into new ways to make them even more user-friendly.

With the right care and maintenance, they’ll last for years in perfect working order, so remember:

  • Know how to use your distros – ensure your team does too. Only use them as instructed.
  • Carry out regular visual checks on the distros, wires, and plugs/connectors.
  • Store, transport and position your power distribution equipment safely and appropriately.
  • Do not modify your distros, and do not attempt to repair them if you are not qualified to do so.
  • Stop using distros immediatelyif they appear to be faulty.

Take a look at our range of distros, or our bespoke power distribution units today or call us on 01282 937003.

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