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Why Effective Power Distribution Is Always Important

It’s likely that whatever your industry, from construction to marinas, to DJ-ing or events, your very first concern will always be whether you have enough power capacity to run your equipment. After that, the very next consideration will be whether you have the power distribution infrastructure in place to effectively distribute this power potential. And to help you secure that, you can look no further than our rubber boxes – and that’s the topic of this week’s blog! Below, we’re going to go into a bit of detail about why a solid power distribution network is so important, and how it helps you in both the short and long term.

These advantages can mainly be broken down into three main points:

  1. It optimises efficiency
  2. Increases reliability
  3. Guarantees safety of you and staff

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  1. Effective Power Distribution Optimises Efficiency

    efficient worker

Efficiency is an absolute top priority, and different environments will always call for different setups. Providing power to a massive theatre, for example, is different to providing it to a small school hall, and a streamlined power distribution infrastructure (designed specifically for the environment in question) will minimise the amount of power wasted, not only saving you on costs but also helping you make the very most of the power you have available. The bigger the power demand, the greater potential there is for wastage, which means that optimising energy consumption is always a central concern.

Maintaining this efficiency is also important to the integrity of the equipment. For example, as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, powerful generators can actually be damaged if they’re left running at an insufficient capacity for long periods of time. Managing your power distribution box, therefore, can protect your equipment from any unnecessary wear and tear – another high priority for any business!

Scalability is one of the core characteristics of our rubber boxes, which means they’re specifically designed for the creation of an agile and efficient power distribution supply.

  1. It Ensures Reliability, Giving You Peace Of Mind

    What Makes Our Products Different?

A well-designed power distribution system is well equipped to minimise the chance of outages or downtime, which makes it invaluable for any setting or scenario. Electrical outages are universally dreaded – not only for the problems they cause immediately, but also for the long-term effects on a business’s reputation. To use the example of music festivals, a major power outage during the opening act can cause some of the crowd to start drifting away within minutes, and the longer it goes on, the more chance it has of affecting the attendance of next year’s event.

In the worst cases, the lack of power caused by outages can even be dangerous. If a medical facility is left without power, for example, it can sometimes affect their ability to administer treatment to people in need. We know the importance of this here at Rubber Box; reliability is another core aspect of our power distros, and incorporating them into a reliable overarching system can help guard you against the possibility of power outages, and the range of negative consequences they can cause.

  1. It Guarantees The Safety Of You And Your Employees

    Staying safe when using power distros

Now, this is an especially important one. Safety is our absolute priority at Rubber Box, and it’s one of the very first things we ensure when designing any one of our bespoke products for customers. Our rubber boxes have a variety of safety systems designed into their construction to further reduce the chances of exposure to dangerous amounts of electricity. Without these safety measures, outages which are problematic at best might even become downright deadly. Upon request, we’re able to fit our products with additional safety measures like RCDs and MCBs – but they’re mainly emergency devices, and a well-designed network will almost certainly mean they’re rarely (if ever) used in the first place.

We hope this blog has gone some way to explaining the importance of carefully designing your power distribution network, whatever your sector or industry may be. Here at Rubber Box, we have a long history of supplying equipment for all kinds of power distribution networks, both temporary and permanent. We’ve previously supplied equipment for the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as powering the celebrations for Qatar’s national Independence Day, amongst others, so you know you can count on our products!

You can browse our full range here, or if you need any specific help or advice, you can give our engineers a call on 01282 677 910.

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