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3 common electrical hazards and how you can prevent them

Improperly handling electrical equipment can be incredibly dangerous and lead to severe injuries or even death. However, all the hazards surrounding electricity can be effectively managed to significantly reduce the risk of harm and ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

At Rubber Box, we serve a wide range of industries and clients with high energy footprints, such as the NHS and hospitality industries, as well as entertainment industries, such as live music and theatre, including some of the largest venues and events in over 30 countries worldwide.

We know how important it is to take precautions when working with high voltages of electricity. So, here are three of the most common electric hazards and how to prevent them to raise awareness and promote safety while using and working electrical equipment.

Always conduct health and safety risk assessments

Always conduct a risk assessment when working with electricity or any electrical equipment that comes into contact with humans. This risk assessment should consider who is at risk, as well as what the potential dangers are, and the precautions you can take to minimise the risk of said threats, as well as determining who is responsible for enacting any changes (and when). Combined with regular equipment testing, these efforts should significantly lower the chances of anything going wrong. However, it’s always wise to remember that sometimes the unexpected happens, so always prepare a backup plan for emergencies.

Electrical fires

Electrical fires can be hazardous and destructive, and they’re more common than you would think, with thousands of them happening every year in the UK alone. While the effects of electrical fires can be devastating, they can be easily avoided – especially when you know what is most likely to cause them. Electrical fires often result from old wiring or appliances, inadequate conduits or overloaded circuits and misused extension cords – to name a few. Many of these hazards can be eliminated with regular maintenance; however, when it comes to overloaded circuits, we can help!

At Rubber Box, our power distribution boxes provide a safe and reliable method of distributing electricity to multiple devices in a circuit. With one input and multiple outputs, the devices are connected to the distribution box instead of directly to the power source, ensuring safety, minimising risk, and enhancing convenience. This significantly reduces the risk of any blown fuses, dangerous short-outs and, therefore, electrical fires, making it an ideal solution!

Electric shocks

Electric shocks can range from painful to deadly, so it’s crucial to avoid putting yourself or anyone else in a situation where they could potentially be shocked. Electric shocks can occur for many reasons. Faulty appliances could cause it, unprotected electrics coming into contact with water, damaged or frayed wiring, and so on. This is why it’s essential to conduct thorough risk assessments regularly to ensure all your equipment is up to par with the newest safety standards and that it’s all certified to the levels necessary to ensure the safety of those working around them. It’s vital to train any staff working with or around potentially dangerous equipment so they know how to properly and safely use it.

Damaged equipment

Damaged or sometimes old and outdated equipment puts those working around it at a higher risk of electrocution – this could be any frayed wires, cracks or cuts in any part of the device. To prevent damaged equipment from causing harm, any compromised equipment should be labelled as defective and taken out of service for replacement or fixing. Anyone attempting to repair or remove equipment must have the relevant training and experience. Regularly performing equipment checks as part of risk assessments will help identify potential problems before the risk escalates.

At Rubber Box, our power distribution boxes effectively lower the risk of electrical hazards while protecting against power overloads, blown fuses and fires. They’re accommodating in scenarios where a vast amount of electricity is used and are beneficial for almost any application or environment. Still, they’re especially helpful in larger circuits – making them invaluable assets for significant events like weddings, concerts and sports events.

Our power distribution units are crafted bespoke to suit your individual needs and requirements – whatever they may be. Our boxes are constructed from solid rubber, and not only are they double insulated, but they’re also extremely tough and durable, as they also have an IP rating of IP65 and are compliant with British and European regulation standards. Check out our products here, or if you’ve got any questions or have an enquiry for a bespoke product, give us a call on 01282 677 910, and our team of experts will be happy to help!

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