What to be aware of when using dry ice for your event

Dry ice or other smoke generating techniques are used to create a mist or smoke in the air at wedding events, on film or for other situations for creating more atmosphere. For instance, when a character walks across a graveyard in a horror film, it looks better when there’s a spooky mist hanging over the whole area. This is generally achieved by using a smoke machine for the effect.

However, other events feature this sort of technology in smaller settings. For example, during a wedding, dry ice is used because it looks better in photos and is far more controllable in smaller settings. If you’ve got a similar event in mind, however, you’ll need to make sure you know all about dry ice in advance, so that you can use it to best effect while minimising the risks.

Where is dry ice most commonly used?

At a wedding event, a dry ice machine is often deployed to create instant smoke or mist in the shot. This gives the final shots greater atmosphere.
The dry ice appears like frosted ice which is where it gets its name. It’s actually carbon dioxide in a solid material which is then placed in water. It usually drops to the lowest point when the room temperature is moderate which helps in the creation of smoke.

The product is best used in closed venues with no natural air flow. Warmer temperatures help dry ice perform best. With limited air flow, the smoke hangs locally rather than dissipating over a larger area where it would go unnoticed. As the smoke reduces, it converts into a gas form to clear the smoke from the air.

Are there risks to using dry ice?

The frosty ice that gets dropped into the water is extremely cold. It’s necessary for it to be that temperature for the effect to work its magic. For that reason, anyone handling the dry ice must be trained in how to do so safely and what precautions to take before, during, and after its use.

Who should use dry ice?

Only people who have used it previously or who have been trained in its use should be responsible for it. It’s not something that a friend of the bride and groom should aim to manage during a wedding event to make the group wedding photos really ‘pop’.

The use of this material is for professionals. It’s mainly best utilised in a closed venue without outside ventilation to avoid the generated smoke from spreading too far. Therefore, it’s usually less suitable for outdoor weddings where either the wedding event and/or the photographs will be taken outdoors.

Managing power outlets safely

When using dry ice machines, they suck up a lot of electrical juice. These along with lighting for the event and other extras to ensure photographs or digital video comes out bright enough require smart power distribution to avoid overloading an individual power socket.

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