6 Reasons To Choose Rubber Box

6 Reasons To Choose Rubber Box

When it comes to electrical power distribution equipment, you might think it’s all much of a muchness. After all, how many types of sockets, configurations and – well, rubber boxes! – can there really be?

We’re here to lay it out for you. Here are six very good reasons to choose Rubber Box for your power distribution needs. Read on!

Our power distros are premium quality

Rubber Box power distribution boxes are made from precision moulded solid rubber, which makes them tough and able to withstand heavy impact. They’re double insulated, resistant to dust and moisture (IP65 rated subject to connectors fitted), and are fully compliant with British and European regulations.

Rubber Box heavy duty power distros

We design distros to meet customer needs

Ever wondered how we decide what kinds of boxes to keep in stock? Which configurations to offer? Well, we trust our customers to tell us what they need most.

When we get a request for a specific, bespoke configuration, we keep that on file. The level of demand we get for a configuration determines whether we include it in our standard range of products, which are kept in store and available on Next Day Delivery.

We’re trusted by some pretty big names

Rubber Box distros have certainly travelled some distance from our base here in the North West of England. Our durable distros have powered up some amazing events, including Formula 1, World Superbikes, MotoGP, national and international rugby and football matches, the Commonwealth Games, and even the Olympics.

So when you ask if our power distros can handle your event, we’re pretty confident when we say yes 😉

Rubber Box client logos

We offer to build bespoke power distro boxes

“If you can think of it, we can build it.”

It’s a pretty ambitious statement to be sure, but it sums us up as a company. As a leading name in electrical distribution boxes, we’ve built a reputation for ourselves as a bespoke distro specialist.

Our in-house design team is here to discuss your unique requirements and make sure you get a power distro that will meet your electrical power distribution needs perfectly.

Next Day Delivery

We offer our customers Next Day Delivery on all of the power distros and cables that we have in stock, so whatever your electrical power distribution needs, we can get you sorted quickly and easily.

Take a look at our range of cables and distros or contact our design and quote team on 01282 677910 to talk bespoke power distro boxes.

We offer first class customer care

Rubber Box is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, which means that we’re continually working to improve the service we deliver to you as customers.

Our design and quote team will talk you through any purchase you make with us, and our technical team offers free, in-depth technical advice on any product you buy from us – we’ll never leave you hanging.

Rubber Box has made a name as a leading provider of power distribution equipment in the events and entertainment industry – let us help power up your next big event!

Browse our range of in-stock distros, or talk to us about your bespoke power distro needs on 01282 677910.

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If you can think of it we can build it...

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