Rubber Box Goes Responsive With A Brand New Website

You may have noticed a few changes around the Rubber Box website – and if you haven’t, we suggest you head on over there and prepare to be impressed!

Rubber Box has invested in a responsive website that’s designed to meet all your needs and make shopping for power distro equipment and accessories even easier than before.

Wait…’responsive website’?

Correct – is now a fully responsive website, which means that when you access it via a tablet or Smartphone, it will respond accordingly and show you a site that’s easy to navigate.

No more pinching and scrolling – everything will be easily visible and right under your finger-tips, where you need it.


As well as the smart, mobile-optimised design, our new website has a whole host of other features that will make your life easier as you shop.

The site’s much more visual now, with a wealth of clear images so you can see exactly what our products have to offer. The flow of the site has also been reformatted, resulting in a user-friendly layout that should help you get to the pages you’re interested in quickly and simply – with no dead-ends or false turns.

Standardised product range

We’ve also standardised our product range – which includes over 1,200 individual items in stock! – so you can make easy comparisons between the items on sale, and decide which one’s right for you.

There’s a detailed tech-spec with every product as well, and plenty of downloadable product data sheets, giving you more information to go off and the option to go away and compare products at your leisure.

If the decision comes down to cost, that’s not a problem either – we’ve introduced a quick new quotation service so you can check your budget with one quick enquiry, even on our completely bespoke distros.

Also new to the website is our ‘Latest News’ section, where you’ll find out what’s going on in-house, and our ‘New Products’ section, where you can browse the latest items on our shelves.

Browse our downloadable brochure!

What would a standardised product range be without a sleek new brochure to go with it?

If you go to our homepage, you’ll see a big orange control box down on the right, where you can order a product by phone, get a quote or download our brochure as a PDF – brilliant if you need to browse our range but don’t want to stay online.

A Word from our Manager

Although the new website is a recent development, we’ve already had a great response. Paul Bates, general manager of Rubber Box, commented:

“Our website now has a clean, fresh look, and it’s accessible and user-friendly. This will be a great help to a lot of our customers who use the site quite frequently.

“Early reports show that we’ve already seen a considerable increase in site traffic and online enquiries since the update.”

So there you have it – the site is getting a thumbs up across the board. It’s easier to use, even when you’re on your phone, and the large visuals let you see exactly what you’ll get from one of our products.

All in all, a success – so go and see what you think!

Got any queries about the new Rubber Box site, or any of the products on there? Contact a member of our team today.

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